YEAR 2017 - 2018

Welcome to another school year at IES Alpujarra. Use this website to keep up with our progress.Here are some samples of the final products created by students as a result of our Didactic Units at various levels of ESO.

History of Books - Vol. IV - 3º ESO

Life in a Comic Strip - 2º ESO

García Lorca Comic using PIXTON - 2º ESO

     Teen Leisure Guide 3º ESO

Publicity Posters 4º ESO

Halloween 2017

HORROR SCENE  in a Shoe Box Competition

    Bring your Pumpkin or your Shoe Box to 
school on Monday 30th October. Hand
    it to
Charo, the English teacher. Great
    prizes for the winners ...

Creative Writing Competition - Terms

Short HORROR STORY Competition Winner 2017


Halloween Photo Gallery 2017

Year 2016 - 2017

Welcome to another school year at IES Alpujarra. Use this website to keep up with our progress.

ENGLISH Classroom display - June 2017.

Here is a token of our work this year. The students put especial care in the classroom display that would be seen by parents and families on the last day of class. Congratulations to all the students for a job really well done.

Garcia Lorca in COMIC -
2º ESO

2º ESO - Spanish inventions and Natural Disasters infographics

Leisure guide for teenagers in Orgiva - 3º ESO

Making Manuscripts 3º ESO

Students research the origin of writing anf how books came into being. They than try to imitate the way manustcripts were made in the Middle Ages.  This year, as part of the school project "To live and to feel the Alhambra", the sudents wrote thier texts in Arabic with the help o the ATAL students, who translated the textxs into Arabic.

En la Luna Teatro - Frankenstein

"En la luna Teatro" performed for us at the local council theatre. This year we were delighted by their FRANKENSTEIN, a comical approach to the literery character that offers a critical view of beauty cannons and fame and fortune. All students from 1º to 4º ESO attended the play.


As the result of a collaborative initiative between the students in the 3ºESO Bilingual Group, their English teacher, Charo Reyes and, of course, the Coucil of Orgiva, the students got the chance to make their voice heard in relation to a matter that affects them directly: the choice of activies that will be available for them when the new Casa de la Juventud opens in April 29th.

As part of their CURRICULUM this year, they carried out a UNIT in which they had to research and analyse the real leisure offer and facilities available for youngters in town. The result was a letter of petition written and signed by the students that was handed in person at the council premises by the group of students themselves. They got the chance to make thier claims public and heard. They thanked the Major Mrs. Mª Angeles Blanco for her support and attention and promised to get involved in further developments concerning the CASA.  


Slogan T-Shirts 1º ESO.

The students in the bilingual group learnt how to write slogans and designed their own t-shirts, which they present in this video.

"TO LIVE AND TO FEEL THE ALHAMBRA" - Whole Year Multidisciplinary Project 

Every year IEA Alpujarra embarks in a new venture. This year, we were chosen by the Patronato de la Alhambra to develop this project. All areas, students and teachers in the school have been closely envolved in it and the results were fantastic. here a re some of the activities and workshops we carried out in the bilingual project as a contribution to the school project.

Making Floor Tiles of "Empedrado Granadino"

Workshop with Anonio Reyes Navarrete, expert in "alicatados" and "empedrados". He came to the school and showed us first hand how to create pebbled floor tiles from scratch, imitating those created at the Nasrid period to pave the Alhambra.

Making Nasrid period outfits - 4º ESO

Workshop with Students' families.
As part of a larger whole school project, the students and parents of 4º ESO helped create four complete outfits resembling those of the Nasrid period in Granada, to recreate life as it was during that period.

Halloween 2016 -
Class Door Monsters

Oral Presentations - Culture Dioramas  - 2ºESO

Oral presentations about all nations that conform the UK. In groups of 4 , students researched, prepared dioramas and formal presentations they then did in class.

Year 2015 - 2016

Welcome to another school year at IES Alpujarra. Use this website to keep up with our progress.

Visit to the "Aula Cervantina" in the local Municipal Library (photo right).

3º ESO (October 2015) - The local Library in Orgiva holds an important unique collection of editions of "El Quijote" in 50 different languages, together with research papers and documents worth a visit in the year we celebrate the work of both Shakespeare and Cervantes. 
   During the visit, students could handle some of the volumes.         


Multidisciplinary Project "Shakespeare meets Cervantes" 2016

We celebrate the Anniversary of the deaths of both Shakespeare and Cervantes by taking part in a multidisciplinary project that promises to keep us busy all year round. It involves the mayority of teachers and students in the school, as well as multiple subjects and areas.  Here are some of the first few activities we have carried out so far.

Workshops and Exhibition "Casa Cervantina"
(Video on the left)

"One Word HAMLET"

The students of 2º ESO performed at the "V Muestra de Teatro Escolar para Centros Bilingües de Granada" last May 13th, at the  Biblioteca de Andalucía, organised by GRETA- English Teachers Association of Andalusia.

Loan of Materials to the Patronato de la Alhambra. 

The materials that our students have produce for the our 2º ESO Integrated Unit "Geometry Magic, Arts and Crafts in the Alhambra" get to travel to the Patronato for a show of school materials made in schools in Granada. We were awarded a special prize for CREATIVITY and INNOVATION. The prize: a especial edition collectioon of books about Granada and the Alhambra, edited by the Patronato and valued in 700 euros. A great acquisition for our school library.

Technology - Visit of the Municipal Architect.

Talk about building materials and techniques in the 16th and 17th centuries - 2º ESO, October 2015.

Oral presentations - "My Town" 2º ESO

School Video Guide 1º ESO.

Once again our 1 ESO students took the camara to film a guided tour of our school and the people who live and work in it.

Campamento de Inmersión Lingüística  - Valladolid, 2º ESO - 25th to 31st October 2015.

Granted and funded by the Ministery of Education. Our students from 2º ESO enjoyed a great school break full of activities related to ENVIROMENTAL ISSUES and GENERATION ISSUES, developed in an array of tasks carried out entirely in English.  

See our Photo Slide Show.

Introducing the Alpujarras

Generation Z

Renewable energies and globalization

All in all, a wonderful experience.

Halloween 2015

Year 2014 - 2015

School Trip to Dublin - 4º ESO (12th - 17th June)

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Celebrating Book Day - Delegación Educación de Granada - 21st April 2015

IV Muestra de Teatro escolar para Centros Bilingües y Plurilingües de Granada.

Christmas Celebrations at IES Alpujarra 2014-2015

Christmas is always a dear time for us. This year we also made Gingerbread Biscuits in the Department, baked our cookies and wrapped up them nicely to take to the old people's home next door. Elia, the Music teacher, helped preparing Carols in English and music to sing along for the people at the home.

Fostering  "Acequias" in the Alpujarras. 

El instituto de Órgiva ‪#‎Alpujarra‬ apadrina la acequia medieval de Beber en Órgiva con motivo de la campaña ‪#‎HugYourHeritage‬ ‪#‎Arqueología‬

IES ‪#‎Alpujarra‬ junto a MEMOLA FP7 Project apadrinan la acequia medieval de Beber en Órgiva con motivo de la campaña ‪#‎HugYourHeritage‬ ‪#‎Arqueología‬ ‪#‎HeritageHour‬

School Video Guide
1º ESO

Our students learnt about the school facilities and the people who work at the school and did this group project to show us.

Halloween 2014

Year 2013 - 2014

Open Doors Day - 20th June 2014

To end the year with a firecracker, we decided to organise an Open Doors Day, so families and friends sould also enjoy watching and toeuching the outcomes of the work we have done this year.

Farewell to Daniel, our Language Assistant.


T- shirt design 1º ESO

Students in first year learnt how to write good slogans and then designed their own t-shirts.

Puppet shows 1st, 2nd and 3rd ESO.

Almost all the groups in the school managed to write, create and set up a puppet show for the rest of the community. Here are the plays by the bilingual groups in the school.

"The Great Race"  1º ESO

"The Tale of the Three Princessess" 2º ESO
"I don't understand this malentendú"  3º ESO

Life in a Comic Strip. - 2º ESO A - Vol.II

Here is the second installment of our Federico García Lorca Comic. Congratulations for a job well done!

Calligraphy Lesson with Daniel, our Language Assistant - 3º ESO

Video Guide of IES Alpujarra 1º ESO

The 1ºESO A students recorded this guide as part of the tasks set for the second term in their English Class.

Halloween 2013 - Monster Parade

And then it was HALLOWEEN again and we organised a monster parade in the main floor corridor, food and pumpkin carving competitions.
Here are the winners!

Christmas time

Oh, what a time it was! We organised  Xmas. Card postal exchanges with our Comeinus partners, made Gingerbread biscuits at the English Department and went to sing Xmas. Carols to the Old People´s Home next door to the school . They loved the biscuits and the songs.
We also prepared traditional Christmas recipes with the 1st ESO students.
In the end, we found the perfect way to wish everybody a very MERRY XMAS!

Comenius Project - The start of the year.

We started the year by carrying out tw different MOBILITIES within our Comenius project. One to a coordination meeting in Turkey (October), for teachers only and another one to Turkey with students (September).

YEAR 2012 - 2013

II Muestra de teatro Escolar para Centros Bilingües y Plurilingües de Granada - 2º ESO

Scottish Culture Treasure Hunt 2º ESO

Scottish Culture is full of Myhts and Legends worth a few lessons. Here is our start for this unit about Scottish Folklore. The students had to find information about different aspects of Scottish life and customs amongst various objects, garnments, brochures, printed texts, maps, etc. that were placed around the classroom. For each question answered correctly they got a letter that would later form a mystery word. The first group to finish got a box of shortbread as a prize.
It was fantastic!

Dave, our Language Assistant, really played the part. To demonstrate how a Scottish man dresses, he put on the whole outfit.
Scottish clothes and garnments.

Life in a Comic Strip 2º ESO

This is the result of the 2nd ESO Students' work about García Lorca, Comics and Biographies.

Flying Kites for Peace 2º ESO

In Technology class, the students learnt how to build kites and we decorated them with peace messages in many languages. It was a fun workshop!

Making Gingerbread Biscuits before Christmas!

We truly had a great time making these. The children took the dough home and baked the biscuits with their families. Then they brought  them to the school and we wrapped them up. That day  we went to sing Christmas Carols to the Old People's Home that is just next door to the school and we gave them as presents. All in all, a very productive activity!!

Solar Kitchens Workshop 2º ESO

In technology, the Kids learnt to build solar kitchens that will help families in developing countries that have no access to other kinds of energy.

Visit to the Alhambra 2º ESO

The Bilingual students visited the Alhambra and experienced in first person what they had learnt at school.

Visit to the Albayalde Tile factory in Orgiva.
December, 2012.

We are convinced that it is important that the students get to be familiar with their surroundings and learn about their community life. We went to this tile factory because it is one of the very few left that still produces tiles in the style of the Alhambra, using similar techniques. Besides, It is just round the corner from the school.

International Cooking in the Alpujarra - 1º ESO

Here are some of the works of art our students produced for our first cookery book.

Halloween came to the school!

Have a look at how we celebrated Halloween this year. We had great fun!
In the 2º ESO Bilingual Class we prepared a workshop on HOW TO MAKE TERRIFYING TOMBSTONES that two of the students in the class prepared and delivered themselves. Everybody made thier own and then we entered the competition for the best decorated class, under the theme "A Class full of Zombies" and we won!!

YEAR  2011 - 2012

Saint Valentine's Poems - 14th February 2012

A.s a class activity the students wrote their own Valentine Poems and then they had to act them out and dedicate them to somebody in the class ... at ramdom!!

The 4º ESO students acted out dialogues at the Crazy Chicken Restaurant ...

The Water Cycle Activities - Visit to the Aljibe del Rey and the Water Museum in Lanjarón.

We visited the Museum of Water in Lanjarón and one  of the Tourism adult students from the IES, who used  to work in the  museum, explained all we needed to know about it and  how important water is in our surroundings.