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Natural Science Glossaries

Here is the complete glossary of words that we have compiled for each level. These lists are intended for teachers' orientation and for students to be able to study and revise when necessary. The program that we have used allows listening to the pronuciation of the words and self testing, which will help student autonomy. You will have to register to be able to access the lists and once you save a copy, you will be able to alter the lists on your copy, not the original ones. We advise NOT to make any alterations to the contents of the lists as they may not be accurate.

1º ESO

Resources for CLIL Unit 1  "What's up with the Sun?

Pablo Acosta's WEBSITE

The Astronomy Workshop

Click here to watch the Universe in real time.

Resources for CLIL Unit 2  "Water´s Journey to my Glass"

Animated Presentation and texts illustrating the Water Cycle.

Resources for LIVE BEINGS

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