BILINGUAL  PROJECT at IES Alpujarra.                                   

The areas that form this project are:

It has been our aspiration for quite some time now, to be able to achieve certain  goals in our daily teaching practice. We are convinced that what we do may be essential in  students' lives and so, we have embarked in a project that is, in our opinion, both necessary and extremely motivating. Our aim is to use English as a valid learning tool , as well as a vehicle for communication and, at the same time, make it become a strong link between the different cultures and people that  populate our school and hence our town. We hope to be able to transmit our enthusiam for good work and we welcome teachers, students and parents on board.                                      

The group of bilingual teachers at IES Alpujarra.

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If you are a fellow teacher, find out what our students can do. If you are a student, enter the scrapbook and make your contribution. Be welcome to post your homework, pictures, poems, reviews, projects and opinions. Remember that your contribution is always very important. Click here for

"The Green Melting Pot"

Comenius Corner IES Alpujarra

Halloween 2017

HORROR SCENE  in a Shoe Box Competition

    Bring your Pumpkin or your Shoe Box to 
school on Monday 30th October. Hand
    it to
Charo, the English teacher. Great
    prizes for the winners ...

SHORT HORROR STORY Creative Writing Competition - Terms

Year Book IES Alpujarra - (since 2011)

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